One-on-one Sessions

Therapeutic Sessions and Coaching Sessions

Rupda offers both one-on-one therapeutic sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions to individuals, couples and teams around the globe. Depending on what type of one-on-one support and guidance you require, Rupda will bring her years of experience, expertise and various tools and exercises to help you make the breakthrough you desire. 


Scroll down below to know more about the difference between a one-on-one Therapeutic Session and a one-on-one Coaching Session.


Therapeutic Sessions

This is for individuals and couples that want to work through core issues, such as: not feeling good enough, greif, loss, personal crises, trauma, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and issues around intimacy, so that you can land in a deeper sense of connection both with yourself and/or with your partner.


Sessions are done both in person and via Zoom or Skype.

“Rupda's approach is unlike anything I've experienced before. Eye-opening and refreshing. Her superpower is her intuition. Every session brought me closer to home.”

Deborah Summers, Psychologist MBChB, Dip Psychotherapy, FRCPsych

This is for individuals and teams that want to develop, or further, their leadership skills professionally or personally. These coaching sessions give you and/or your team powerful techniques to achieve a stronger sense of empowerment, communication and collaboration. Rupda creates custom milestones to challenge and support you to your highest potential along with practical tools and heart-centred strategic thinking.


Sessions are done both in person and via Zoom or Skype.

“Working with Rupda has redefined authentic leadership. She embodies it as she teaches it.”

Jacob Clarke Ph.D, M.D.e & Biochemistry 

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Sessions are done both in person and via Zoom or Skype.

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