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Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker


Self Leadership

Self Leadership

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5-Day Retreat in Corfu, Greece

Spirit of a Woman

This event is for women by women.
Designed to give women full permission to be in their power and vulnerability. To embrace their femininity and to feel supported by the feminine.

4-Day Retreat in Perugia, Italy


With one foot in the mystic and one foot in the familiar the Deepdive program is designed in such a way that it brings in both psychological as well as spiritual work. The Deepdive teaches tools to access and develop your emotional intelligence, facilitating a shift in self-awareness, empathy and motivation to experience life. This inner shift has a direct effect on your state of wellbeing, confidence and interpersonal relationships.

7-Day Retreat in Zagreb, Croatia

Path of Love

The Path of Love 7-Day Retreat is a unique, revolutionary, and life transforming meditation and personal growth retreat. It will alter your life in a substantial way. 


doesn’t happen

unless we are willing

to radically rethink

the way

we live our lives"