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Structured Conversations

By Rupda

This is an insightful PDF for those who want to have more meaningful connections.

  • Step-by-step structure 

    This PDF gives you step-by-step guidance in how to have a structured conversation. It is designed to create a more deeper way of communicating. 

  • Versatility 

    The exercise in this PDF can be applied to couples as well as people working together in a group environment.

  • Holding Presence & Listening

    This PDF shows you forms of communications and gives suggestions as well as how to hold presence and actively listen with empathy.

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Free PDF Structured Conversations

"I love Rupda's way of working, she's smart, funny, courageous, wise and extremely intuitive.  Rupda helped my partner and I take our relating to the next level, a deeper level, that we continue to benefit from today."

Laura Mckinsey


"I really enjoy the way Rupda communicates, she's brilliant. She's taught me how to be present as a man and how to hold presence with my partner.  I have a lot to be grateful for the day I met Rupda. Thank you."

Terry Andrews

Architectural Engineering Manager