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Passionate. Authentic. Powerful.

~ Rupda

Who is this for?

What to expect?

What you will learn?

  • Leading from a place of self-worth

  • Honouring qualities of what you have to offer

  • Working with the group dynamics

  • Working with individuals within the group dynamics

  • Rhythm of leading and listening

  • Finding access points & common threads

  • Building awareness in both the form & formless

  • Working with power, patience and compassion

  • Collaboration with cohesiveness

  • Developing clear boundaries and ethics

  • Accountability and shadow side of leading

  • Giving continued support to your clientèle & community

    Evaluation and feedback is given throughout the training to help you in developing your Tools for Life Leader Training Skills.

    Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn from this training.

    Also included...

    “Working with Rupda has redefined authentic leadership. She embodies it as she teaches it.”

    Jacob Clarke Ph.D, M.D.e & Biochemistry 

    IT'S TIME!

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    Best Leadership Training Certificate Course

    Founder of Tools for Life Institute

    "The leadership training was a very eye opening experience for me. I realized which skills I need to improve to be able to lead from the heart, authentically, with no agenda and in congruence with what life wants to express through me.​"

    ​Sandra Gal, Female Golf PGA Champion

    Why I created the Tools for Life Leader Training?

    Simply because I believe in people’s ability to grow. To break out of old patterns, beliefs and structures that inhibit their potential when they’re given the right environment, tools and skills. Reaching a higher ground in themselves and helping others to do the same. Contribution is one of our human fundamental desires. To be able to give back. To acknowledge another’s journey with respect. To support them to also finding that higher ground in themselves. My passion is to be there for others in their personal and professional growth, and to continue to grow and develop as a leader.

    My Core beliefs about the Tools for Life Leader Training?

    As a leader, you need to do it, before you give it. You’re not just teaching it, you’re living it. People coming to the Tools for Life Leader Training are passionate about two foundational principles:

    • being in service to supporting others develop
    • being in service to your own development

    “ I’ve learned so much from Rupda. How she works with individuals and groups is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She’s hip, savvy and a natural leader”

    Lisa Perkins, Author & Trainer 

    What Courageous Leading means to me

    There are many aspects that define a good leader.

    Here are just a few fundamental essentials to leading that we will work with in the Tools for Life Leader Training:

    • Having an honest relationship with yourself

    • Applying what you teach to others, to yourself

    • Transparency and authenticity with yourself and others

    • Listening to others without interpretation

    • Exercising accountability and Integrity

    • Facing the shadow of competing & comparing

    • Using open language in communication

    • Able to acknowledge the intelligence of your heart

    • Trusting your instincts and intuition

    • Willing to face the uncomfortable

    • Open to working with the unknown

    • Continuing to learn and grow

    “The act of contribution is empowering and inspiring. To truly support another enables people to have new, enriching experiences in their lives. When we give, we are both receiving."