How can you build trust?

How can you build trust?

January 19, 2021

When we are not in our safe place, a safe environment, then mistrust comes along with questions such as:


Who am I interacting with? Who can I really trust?

Where am I? Can I trust this environment?


The mind is very clever. It wants to build evidence based on how someone's behaving, and the words and tone that they're using. It's all registering in that limbic brain – Is it safe to be here or do I have to fly or fight?


I had many of these experiences where I moved from trust into mistrust. I started to see that when I was in a safe place I could slowly relax and create trust. However, this wasn’t dependent on somebody to create that trust for me, but my own awareness was, and still is, where I felt relaxation and safety. And if I go somewhere where I don’t feel that, that’s up to me to be there. However, it is also up to me to choose to be somewhere where it creates relaxation like, for example, in nature.

How can you build trust?

So you want something to change in your life?


If this is something that you feel a connection to and would like to explore more, I would love to have you in the next Relating Authentically workshop.

These experiences were able to show me a little bit of how to distinguish where my being lands in trust, and then to play with it more, because I know we live in a world of so much fear that is fed to us, making us feel that we are not enough, and all sorts of similar things that play out in us and on our relational dynamics at work and in our home. So, losing trust – who to trust and what to trust – can happen quite quickly for people.


If you need help with building acceptance and trust, try meditation. It helps, because it is something where we start to reconnect with ourselves and then slowly grow from that.


I trust this. I trust this breath. I trust this moment.

How can you build trust?

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