These PDFs help you ‘balance the busy’ in your day-to-day life.
Each PDF is designed to guide and support you so that you feel resourced, relaxed and reconnected.

Permission to Lead

by Rupda

This PDF is designed to help you identify patterns of unworthiness as well as recognising the barriers between you and your inner leader.

Leading & Coaching Essentials

by Rupda

This is an insightful PDF for those that want to explore some essentials into leading & coaching...

Structured Conversations

by Rupda

This is an insightful PDF for those who want to have more meaningful connections.

Stepping Outside of Shame

by Rupda

This is an insightful PDF for those who want to work through their areas of shame.

Listening to Your Inner Guidance

by Rupda

This PDF supports you to retrain yourself to listen to your inner guidance and your intuition through the doorway of your heart.

Building Real Self-Confidence

Pledge to Myself

by Rupda

This is a commitment to yourself, to put yourself first on the priority list. Pledge to make more healthier choices, to attend to yourself more, to follow a dream... Whatever it may be.

"What I discovered working with Rupda is her unique approach to self-development, I've never seen or experienced anything like it. She is the real deal and I have learned so much about myself and how to face my challenges thanks to her teachings."

Jens Karlsson


"I thought I was a lost cause because I had everything, work, family, partner, friends but I felt so unworthy inside. Rupda really helped me through to get a greater understanding of what was happening and more importantly to regain my self worth. I am deeply grateful for this."

Josephine Simson

Yoga Teacher & Mother 

"Rupda's way of working with people is fun, fresh, insightful and she is very switched on. Her ability to read the room is uncanny, she has an intuitive radar unlike I've ever seen. To work with her has been illuminating and has changed how I manage my team and myself."

Albert Brant

Product Development