we are willing to
radically rethink
the way we live our lives

What is the Deepdive?


  • Profound process that cuts through the BS
  • Passionate and powerful journey of the soul
  • Big opportunity for a transformation
  • Doorway in…. that helps you out
  • Embodiment of your experience (not just a theory)

What it is not?


  • Airy-fairy, seaweed, kumbaya retreat
  • Lecture of “how to’s”
  • “Fix it” process (it’s a breakthrough process)
  • Process to participate passively

With one foot in the mystic and one foot in the familiar the Deepdive program is designed in such a way that it brings in both psychological as well as spiritual work. The Deepdive teaches tools to access and develop your emotional intelligence, facilitating a shift in self-awareness, empathy and motivation to experience life. This inner shift has a direct effect on your state of wellbeing, confidence and interpersonal relationships.

Rupda chat about what's behind "do more, be more"

Special Offer



You deserve to have this space and time for yourself! 

This is a chance to be real, authentic and honest with what you are presently facing, and what you need to support you during this time.

Location: Resort Fattoria di Vibio
Località Buchella, 9 Doglio
Montecastello di Vibio, Perugia, Italy


Accommodation Options:

Single room: €640 per person
Double room: €520 per person
Triple room: €480 per person
Group room: €440 per person

All rooms have a private bathroom.

Program Price includes delicious vegetarian food & drinks, excluding costs of travel.

Are you ready to brave the deep?

"This is a course where we can challenge our self-belief of 'not being good enough' and where we can transform the competitiveness women sometimes feel with each other into a supportive sacred space. This is a powerful course for women to heal with other women, and themselves.

The tools, techniques and practices we share guide women towards a deeper relationship with themselves, their femininity and celebrating what it means to be a woman".

~ Rupda

What to expect?

The entire program is 8 weeks and consists of three phases.


Phase One – The Preparation: week 1 – week 3. In the preparation phase you will receive a weekly writing assignment to complete prior to entering the 4 day retreat.


Phase Two – The Retreat: week 4. You will visit Perugia, Italy to take part in a 4 day retreat where you will participate in a process designed to take you deeper in to your personal development.


Phase Three – Integration: week 5 – week 8. Once you’ve expanded your self-awareness… it’s vital to integrate this into your life. The work will continue via online meetings to support and build on your insights gained during the Deepdive retreat.

"This workshop had me truly connect to myself and discover patterns I was only partially aware off. If only I had done this sooner."

Omri Amir, Chief Strategy Officer, Findhotel


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