Guided Meditations

These guided meditations help you ‘balance the busy’ in your day-to-day life.
Each meditation is designed to guide and support you so that you feel resourced, relaxed and reconnected.

Total Length of Guided Meditation: 8:20 minutes

JANUARY 18, 2018  LIAM C. Says:

"This goes much deeper than I thought it would. I’ve done Rupda’s workshops and when she offers her guided meditation the whole room goes into a relaxed state. So, I’m pleasantly surprised at how this mediation was just as profound. Just as she says, Gratitude really is the doorway to your heart and you’ll love her voice, it’s angelic and soothing."

Balancing the Busy Guided Meditation

By Rupda


This guided meditation by Rupda is accompanied by gentle background music that will support you throughout this relaxing journey. Rupda’s soft voice guides you through this gentle meditation so that your whole body can begin to rest.


You can slowly let go of the busy life around you and gently be guided into a calm, peaceful state of relaxation. When we can slow down the busy, calm down our nervous system and breathe deeply again, we can begin to change the quality of our lives into a more relaxed state of being.


You can play this guided meditation anytime you are somewhere quiet and preferably won’t be disturbed. This meditation is not meant to be played while driving or operating machinery.

  • In English language

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