Assisting Rupda

Mentoring Sessions

ARMS is a leadership mentorship program. If you have completed the Tools for Life Leader Training, then you can attend the ARMS program (Assisting Rupda Mentoring Sessions).


This program is for those that want to advance their leadership training in a live arena by taking the next step in assisting Rupda in her workshops, retreats and/or trainings*.

If you are interested in joining the ARMS program,

please write to us at:

— visit Rupda’s calendar page to see her calendar of events.​

"The leadership training was a very eye opening experience for me. I realized which skills I need to improve to be able to lead from the heart, authentically, with no agenda and in congruence with what life wants to express through me.​"

​Sandra Gal, Female Golf PGA Champion

Please fill out the following application form

    To join the ARMS program you need to have TOOLS FOR LIFE LEADER TRAINING COMPLETION!

    *Please note; not everyone is qualified to assist in the Tools for Life Leader Training, to find out if you are, please write to:

    Learning to Lead for beginners


    doesn’t happen

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