Five years later...


DIsha Video8th of Sept, 2010 - 5 years later and thanks to Kayo we have some beautiful photos of our last moments with Disha [click here]

8th of Sept, 2007 - To Read the a recent update on the Coroner's report regarding Disha, please [click here]

8th of Sept, 2006 - For previous Coroner's report, please [click here]

Disha's last song: (7th August, 2005)

More Video Footage

This is a message from Disha as taken from the end of her will....

"I love you beyond the form of this body, I know there is so much more than this physical domain and I trust this mysterious existence….

I am eternally grateful that I have been so blessed to live this beautiful life. It could not have been more beautiful and I could not have felt more loved by you all.. I am eternally in love with you in my gratitude and sweet preciousness and I pray you will be at peace and happy after my body has gone….and enjoy every day of your precious existence."



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